Gallo-romans potters ovens in Ecouen in the Val d’Oise


Gallo-romans potters ovens in Ecouen by the JPGF


Gallo-Roman pottery workshop discovered in Ecouen / Saint-Brice sous Forêt.

After the research campaign conducted from August to October 2014, the archaeological team of Villiers-le-Bel has confirmed the existence of a dispensary Gallo-Roman potters located in Ecouen (Val-d’Oise) in the Rosne valley, along the antic road from Paris to Amiens (1).


Sigillée de type argonnais décorée à la molette et fabriquée à Ecouen 95This is a specialized craft, located in the Lower Empire in a seven-hectare site in the sector discovered and studied by JPGF since 1966 (Romanized Gauls establishment in large villa occupied from the first to the fifth century AD, Merovingian and Carolingian habitat and equipped with a hydraulic mill). This dispensary, which included at least two workshops with more ovens has produced in the fourth century sigillated ceramics kind of Argonne adorned seam, at least three are new designs.


Production de sigillées décorées à la molette à Ecouen dans le Val d'OiseAfter an initial search conducted on the borders of Saint-Brice sous Forêt (95) in 2013, which has already helped to identify the remains of a first oven for sigillated, very damaged by erosion and agricultural implements, two other kilns were unearthed in 2014, one of which, protected by a meter of a colluvioned silt, is in good condition. This is a “traditional” oven halyards flames, whose type is known in the south and center of Gaul during the High Empire (1st to 3rd century) and then Argonne Lower Empire. This discovery is exceptional in Ile-de-France, where only one similar type of structure was discovered in Brie near Meaux (1). Oven to sigillated Ecouen is currently unique in the Val-d’Oise, the Parisis and Pays de France.


Production, found in the remains of the laboratory and a dump in the work area is of very good quality. It will be treated and studied soon and will be published in the third volume devoted to ceramics produced in the Pays de France, after those Fosses – House Ysieux Valley.


Four de potiers gallo-romains à Ecouen - Production de sigillées décorées à la molette


The French TV chanel France 3 gave a brief report on this discovery we offer you to view. Soon you can see it in 3D as if you were there.
The VO News TV chanel had also given their attention, JPGF will be soon present on multiple media for you to enjoy this exceptional archaeological discovery



Our next newsletter will be largely devoted to this exceptional new discovery put to the assets of the association JPGF Villiers-le-Bel. A first summary report will be shown on the site towards the end of the year, with the video reportage during the search.


(1) Rémy GUADAGNIN : “La production artisanale spécialisée dans l’économie rurale du nord Parisis à l’époque gallo-romaine” in Catalogue de l’exposition “Sous les meules le grain. Nourrir la ville de l’Antiquité à nos jours” Musée Archéa, Louvres 2013, p. 14 à 45.
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